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个人资料 :: yashsastry
头像 关于 yashsastry
等级: 新同学           初来入宝境 新到结奇缘 开眼拂真慧 立志入统元
注册时间:  25/02/2021 22:53:16
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自我介绍: Hello, my name is Yash Sastry and I'm living in India. I have been taking photos for the past few years in a variety of styles. I have been studying photography since college and I look forward to helping my clients capture their special moments. I love wildlife and nature photography very much. Nature photography tips:- Focus on the foreground, not your subject! You don't need to be near it for these effects to work. With short exposure and fast shutter speeds, you can easily capture this effect without having to worry about focusing or timing a long shot from another camera angle. If you want tricks and tips regarding photography then please visit the given link.
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